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Examples of different export settings

Below you can see six examples of a 38 second video clip encoded in different ways. The figures in the table show you the picture size (resolution) in pixels, the bitrate in kilo bits per second (i.e. how many thousand bits of binary information per second of playing time), and how much room the file takes up on a computer's hard drive (in kilobytes). This will give you an idea of the kind of quality you can expect at each setting. All the examples are .wmv files encoded using Windows Media 9. Note that this clip contains a lot of movement so the picture quality will appear worse than a video where there is much less movement, for example a talking head. Follow the link for each clip to see it play in a separate player:

File Resolution Bitrate Filesize
Example 1 720x567 2,344kbps (2.34Mbps) 9,638KB
Example 2 640x480 1,064bps (1Mbps) 4,285 KB
Example 3 320x240 539kbps 2,740 KB
Example 4 320x240 273kbps 1,675 KB
Example 5 160x120 153kbps 1,188 KB
Example 6 160x120 44kbps 296 KB