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Editing digital video

Once you have captured your video you will probably want to edit it. Since there are many different editing programs available we will not look at any particular one in any detail, but since many of them operate in similar ways we will look at some of the basic principles. We will use TechSmith Camtasia as an example, but most editing programs look similar.

The first step is normally to import the video or audio file. This will then appear as a still picture in an area usually at the top centre of the picture.

To start editing, you drag the clip down on the time line.

To cut out part of the clip you choose the point where your cut begins then put in a split, you then choose the point where the cut ends and put in another split. Then you delete the section between the two splits. Some software allows you simply to choose a beginning and end point for your cut and remove the section in one operation.

One feature that not all editing software has is the ability to add video overlay. Overlay allows you to have a video picture sitting on top of all or part of the main video picture. Software that has this includes a separate overlay track (sometimes called picture in picture) on the timeline. Add the video you want to act as the overlay into the overlay track at the point in timeline where you want it to appear.