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Camera movement

With digital video, the basic rule of camera movement is keep the camera as still as possible. This is because video compression technology works in a way that means the more change there is in the picture, the worse the picture quality will be. If you are filming a person who is moving against a still background, only part of the picture is changing, but if you move the camera, the whole of the picture has to change.

Here you see two examples of how NOT to use the camera.

Note if you are filming two people talking such as in an interviews then you should compose the shot to include both speakers. Otherwise, if you try to move the camera between them as they speak the result wll look like this..

If it is necessary to pan or zoom the camera in the middle of a shot, this should be done slowly, smoothly and be kept to an absolute minimum.

Using a tripod is very helpful in keeping the camera still, and helping to make any movement smooth and slow.