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Approaches to using time-based media

Multimedia materials can bring together audio, video, still images in various ways. They can also be used in conjunction with conventional text-based web pages and interactive features such as multiple choice questions.

Simple video picture: This just shows a single video picture, with no other images or other components.

Video with slides - or with other interactive components e.g question: In this example the video is arranged on the screen alongside the speaker's slides. These have been converted into still images. There are also still images at the bottom of the screen and under the video picture there are links to each section of the presentation.

Video overlay: This example is actually a single video screen, but it has been edited to show the speaker laid over the top of the slides. The slides have been captured from the speaker's computer screen during the presentation and are presented as part of the video.

Video/audio in a tutorial: In this example a short video clip is inserted into a web page forming part of an online tutorial. The video is followed by an interactive multiple choice question related to its content.