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Example Clips

For Education

Some genres of educational video, with examples.

  1. Talking head lecture/talk with or without supplementary materials.
    Here we see a recorded lecture, showing video of the speaker synchronised with her PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Demonstration of a process or technique. This can be done with the demonstrator shown talking, or with a voice-over.
    This example shows a technique being demonstrated, with a separately recorded voice-over .

(Used with kind permission of the eLearning Centre at the University of Portsmouth)

  1. A "location" based talk showing the speaker in the context that s/he is speaking about.
    The lecturer is shown in various situations relevant to the subject matter. The video is linked to an interactive question, and the following video clip depends on the user's answer. (Used with kind permission of the eLearning Centre at the University of Portsmouth)

The original of this material is viewable at:

A lecture recorded "to camera" rather than to an audience that has edits cut into it showing close-ups of the artefacts being described.

(Used with kind permission of DMIS, University of Bristol)

  1. A role play simulating a professional interaction e.g doctor/patient interview
    This role-play was created to teach student doctors how to break bad news to a patient. The "patient"is a paid actor.

  1. "Vox pops" where members of the public/student body/ staff give their views in a series of short soundbites
    Members of the public are interviewed in the street on their perception of food quality.

  1. An "anthropological" film which shows a social/environmental/economic/medical issue, with a voice over.

  1. An interview with an expert, or a discussion between experts.

  1. A film made by students as part of their course.
    This film was made by a 3rd year medical student.

(Used with kind permission of the Centre for Medical Education, University of Bristol)

  1. A patient talking about their symptoms