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Why might I want to use digital video or audio for the teaching or in my research?

How do I do this?

What equipment do I need?

How do I distribute the material to my audience?

This tutorial will help you begin to answer these questions

Who is this for?

This tutorial is intended for researchers and educators. It gives an introduction to the use of digital video, audio and multimedia (images etc) for use in teaching and in research. It introduces some of the ways in which digital media can be used for education and research, and includes examples of different types of material. It gives an introduction to the kind of equipment you need and how to use it. It gives general guidance about how to plan, create, process and distribute this kind of material. It is intended as a general introduction to the subject, but it will not provide the detailed information required to create digital media yourself. However it does include a number of pointers to where you can get further information.

How is it presented?

The material makes extensive use of pictures, and video clips. Some of the tutorial is presented in the form of interactive questions. Some of the information in the tutorial is actually contained in the feedback to the questions so it is suggested that you pay particular attention to the feedback. However the questions are designed to get you thinking about the issues rather and help you to digest the information - so we invite you to try to answer the questions before getting the feedback, rather than just clicking on the Check Answer button.

How long does it take?

It should take about 45 minutes to complete. If you're finding that it takes longer, we'd suggest that you take a break and go back to it later, to maximise concentration.