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Part F: Where to get the software

There are of course many many different software products available for each of these e-tools. In this section we provide a link to one example of each type, but there many more. Most of the products listed are free, and where they are not they are reasonably priced. They are also all reasonably easy to use.

Many of the producers of web-based tools such as blogs provide a free service.

Online tutorials

courseGenie - a reasonably priced and easy-to-use package for creating simple online tutorials
Alternatively, if you use Macromedia Dreamweaver, there are some free extensions to Dreamweaver such as CourseBuilder which allow you to create interactive exercises.

Virtual Learning Environment

Moodle - an open-source VLE that is available free - however you will need your own web server to run it on


Blog city is one of many free blogs - however for full features a subscription is payable


A site offering a free hosted Wiki is SeedWiki - however for full features a subscription is payable

Moodle (see above) also includes a Wiki tool.

MediaWiki is the software used by Wikipaedia, the most famous Wiki. It is free and available from:
you will need your own web server to run it on

Online assessment

Castle is a simple free assessment tool
you will need your own web server to run it on
Moodle (see above) also includes quite a good assessment tool.

Multimedia Presentation

Microsoft Producer - a free tool from Microsoft for creating synchronised presentations. Requires Powerpoint 2002 or higher.

Discussion Board

Phpbb is a popular open source discussion board that is available free and has some very powerful features:
Note that you will need your own web server to run it on. Moodle (see above) also includes a discussion board, but can only be used by participants who are enrolled onto the system).

Chat room

MSN Messenger is a widely used chat tool
Moodle (see above) also includes a chat room tool.

Simulation software

Microsoft Excel can be used to create quite powerful data-oriented simulations. Other common software such as MS Powerpoint and Dreamweaver can be used to create animations that simulate simple processes.

Streaming media

Windows media - Windows XP includes Windows Media tools such as Movie Maker. Other tools can be downloaded from the Windows Media Website. However for full streaming you will need a server which costs quite a lot of money.


Webconferencing solutions in general are quite expensive. For example epop:
costs around €2500 per year to hold conferences for up to ten concurrent users
MSN Messenger, which is free can be used for Videoconferencing between two sites.

Online survey

Surveymonkey - there are many online survey tools available but surveymonkey has been found to be very reliable. Cost is 60 US dollars per quarter.