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Part A: Introducing the tools

This section will introduce you to some examples of the different electronic tools available for e-research and e-learning. Some of them (such as online assessment, or simulations) are created using specialist software designed just for this purpose, and some (for example Blogs, Chat rooms) use software in use widely on the internet for a range of purposes. For the purpose of this tutorial each of these will be referred to as an e-research "application".


Each of the following pages introduces a particular e-research/e-learning application. At the top of the page you will see a text definition, followed by a picture taken from the computer screen (known as a "screenshot") showing that application. In many cases you can click on the screenshot to see a video or animated version of the screenshot showing the application in action. At the bottom of the page you can pull down a list of e-learning applications. From the list, select the application that you think is shown on the page. You will receive feedback telling you whether you've correctly identified the application.

When looking at each page it will help to think about:

What application is this and what can it do?

What features of the screenshot helped you to identify it?

How could this kind of application be used in learning and teaching?