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Carcass and homogenised muscle pH measurements

Carcass measurements

It is necessary to define the moment of measurement (time: 45 minutes and/or 24 h) and the site of the measurement (in semimembranosus muscle or in longissimus dorsi muscle at the level of last rib). The electrode is introduced vertically to a depth of 4 cm, avoiding if possible contact of the probe with fat or connective tissue. It is necessary to allow time (about 30 seconds) until the reading is stable.

The electrode must be cleaned with distilled water and dried carefully after each measurement.

Measurements of homogenised meat

These measurements should be taken in duplicate. 10 g are taken of sample muscle Longissimus dorsi, 10 ml of distilled water are added, and then it is homogenized for one minute, whereupon it is left to rest. Adjust the equipment to the working temperature and submerge the lower part of the electrode into the solution to a depth of 2 cm, and wait until the measurement has stabilized. The electrode must be cleaned as mentioned before.