Table of Contents

  1. e-Tutorials overview
    1. Orientation
    2. Aims and objectives
    3. Pre-tutorial self test questions
  2. Muscle pH IN fresh meat
    1. Definition
  3. Physico-chemical changes during the conversion of muscle to meat in post-mortem period
    1. pH changes in the conversion of muscle to meat
    2. pH changes: PSE Meat
    3. pH changes: DFD Meat
    4. pH changes: Acid Meat
    5. Pork quality standards
    6. Time of pH measurement
  4. Measurement of pH in meat
    1. Electrode
    2. Standards
    3. Preparation of the material
    4. Calibration
    5. Correction for the effect of temperature on the measurement of pH
    6. Carcass and homogenised muscle pH measurements
  5. References
  6. Post test questions
  7. Participating Institutions