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Practical Hints and Tips

This section will provide you with some practical hints and tips.

Structure and flow

Remember the tutorial is going online. This media is different from the printed page. It is harder to ready long sections of text on screen. Keep text as short as possible and combine with visual and interactive components.

Try to include signposts in your tutorial so that the user knows where they are going and how long it will take them to get there..
'The following section will include...'
'This exercise will take 5 minutes...'

Feedback to questions is very important. As well as helping to create the interactivity and a conversational element, the feedback helps the user to understand what the questions are getting at. It is worth adding feedback for correct answers as well as incorrect answers both to confirm the answer as well as why it is the right one. Users may have correctly guessed at an answer or be a little unsure in their reasoning

The style and tone of your tutorials is important. There is a difficult balance to aim for if you want to achieve a friendly reassuring style without patronising the user.

If you are creating several tutorials, you may want to create a template with a basic structure that you can re-use. This can save time and help to maintain a consistent feel across your tutorials