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Examples - Involving learners actively

The example below describes a grammatical principle and then asks the learner to put it into action.

'To introduce quoted material.

The colon has other uses: it can also be used after a clause introducing quoted material. Have a look at this example.

The director often used her favourite quotation from Monty Python: 'I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition.'

If the colon precedes a quotation, you should begin the language of that quote with a capital letter.

Have a go at this question.


Which of these sentences uses the colon correctly.

Please select an answerIncorrect. The phrase before the colon cannot stand alone. Well done. You can use a colon to introduce a list as long as the phrase before the colon can stand alone and still make sense. Incorrect. You can not use a colon to separate the elements in a list.
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In this example, a static diagram has been turned into an interactive question.


Label the structures on the diagrams below, matching the A,B,C,D,E to the appropriate structure

well donetry againYour answer has been saved.
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In the example below, static images have been turned into an interaction. Users are asked to think about what the pictures are, and then hover the mouse over the image to confirm.

Any idea what these endoscopic views show you? Hover over each image with the mouse to see the answer.

Candidiasis of the oesophagus Benign stricture
Linear ulcers fairly classical GORD oesophageal carcinoma