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Which approach is better?

The Interactive approach (example 2) is based on theories about teaching and learning and reflects the principles outlined in the following section. Learners construct their own knowledge working from what they already know (or think they know). This assumes that the learners will already know something about the subject, or will be able to deduce what they do not. In the example above this approach will only work with learners who already have some knowledge of, or interest in the EU.

User feedback certainly suggests that they prefer interactive tutorials and often feel they learn more from tutorials taking this approach. Highly textual or static documents are easier to read in printed format rather than online.

It is arguable that in the first approach, the learner will not know why they are reading the text the first time they encounter it, and will only start to read in a purposeful way once they start to answer the questions at the bottom.

To find out more about the principles behind the interactive approach, Have a look at the next section.