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"Training and mentoring early career scientists from candidate, associated and Mediterranean Countries in a whole food chain approach to quality and safety"

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The SSA is coordinated by the EAAP Secretariat that can be contacted at the following post address:


EAAP - Via Tomassetti 3, 1/A

00161 Rome, Italy
Tel.: +39-06-44202639



The contact points for the other partners of the SSA are the following:

bulletPartner No. 2 – National Food Centre, Teagasc NFC - Paul Allen (Ireland)
bulletPartner No. 3 - Institute for Food and Agriculture Research
and Technology, IRTA - Angels Oliver (Spain)
bulletPartner No. 4 - Department of Animal Product Processing and Qualification (University of Kaposvár) UNKA - Róbert Romvári (Hungary)
bulletPartner No 5 - University of Bristol, ILRT - Sue Timmis (UK)
bulletPartner No 6 - Firat University FIRAT - Kazim Sahin (Turkey)
bulletPartner No. 7 - Kozponti Elelmiszer-Tudomanyi Kutatointezet, CFRI - Diana Banati (Hungary)
bulletPartner No. 8 - Agricultural Institute of Slovenia AIS - Marjeta Candek-Potakar (Slovenia)
bulletPartner No. 9 - Baltic Genofund HPI - Arunas Svitojus (Lithuania)
bulletPartner No. 10 - Institut Agronomique Vétérinaire Hassan II IAV - Sabah Benjelloun (Morocco)
bulletThe Specific Support Action "Young Train" is performed under the European Commission
and FP6 - DG Research Directorate E "Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food" Unit "Strategic and Policy Aspects" Contact point Jean-François Maljean:



 Advice # 1

The Project successfully concluded on 30 April 2008


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YoungTrain Moodle course

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A presentation on "Animal science and livestock systems in the seventh Framework Programme for research" by C. Patermann is also available.


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