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This site relates to the "Young-Train", a Specific Support Action (SSA) funded by the European Commission and FP6 - DG Research Directorate E "Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food" Unit "Strategic and Policy Aspects" (Proposal/Contract no.: 016101).


This  SSA is lead by the European Association for Animal Production EAAP,
Via G. Tomassetti 3,1/A, 00161 Rome, Italy.
Tel.: +39-06-44202639;


eLearing Material developed during the project


Aims of the SSA


bulletSelect, train and develop about forty Early career animal scientists from Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean to ensure that they are fully equipped to take part in future RTD activities in a whole food chain approach to meat quality and safety.
bulletMonitor and mentor the progress of the Early career scientists through the support of experienced multidisciplinary scientists in the steering committee and the project team to ensure their involvement with existing centres of excellence.
bulletEstablish collaboration between the Early career scientists, members of the Project Steering Group, the EAAP country contacts and the appropriate FP6 National Contact Points (NCP) for Food Quality and Safety to derive RTD priorities relevant to the problems in their regions/ countries and to facilitate dissemination and exchange of relevant information.
bulletProvide a forum for these Early career scientists to interact with their peers, centres of excellence and NCPs to develop joint RTD proposals in meat quality and safety that are relevant to the problems of Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.
bulletDevelop eLearning training and awareness materials that will be subsequently used for dissemination of the whole food chain approach to meat quality and safety.
bulletBetter integrate and strengthen the ERA by providing these Early career animal scientists with the skills and contacts necessary to take part in future collaborative RTD activities in support of the priorities of the work programme on Food Quality and Safety.


Expected results


bulletAn enhanced understanding for the ERA, and especially for the Central and Eastern European and Mediterranean target countries, of the total food chain as it relates to meat quality and safety;
bulletIntegration of the target countries and particularly Early career animal scientists into major research European networks;
bulletImproved dissemination of past FP programmes and other results on meat quality and safety in the target countries;
bulletInnovative methods of training animal scientists on the RTD issues in relation to a whole food chain approach to meat quality and safety;
bulletDevelopment of the ERA.

Expected deliverables



Trained Early career scientists from the target countries possessing the skills and contacts needed to participate in whole European system research networks in meat quality and safety;


Joint RTD proposals under future framework programmes that are relevant to the needs of the target countries;


eLearning training materials for wider use by the animal science community and meat chain industries in the target countries to sustain the initial investment;


Dissemination of past framework programmes and other relevant research results through collaboration of Early career scientists, EAAP country contacts and NCPs.




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The Project successfully concluded on 30 April 2008


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A presentation on "Animal science and livestock systems in the seventh Framework Programme for research" by C. Patermann is also available.


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